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PARSOL Standards – next steps?

by on September 14, 2009

Those of you in the know will remember that the standards were designed to underpin improvements in planning application processing by standardising elements of application information.
However, that was a while back and time moves on.
As a result we intend to facilitate a review of the standards with a view to finding out “Who is using them/How are they currently being used/If they are effective/Should they be updated and if so how?”

We plan to do this by:
1. Recruiting a review panel to agree a question set for an online survey (e.g LPAs or POS, PAS, Planning Aid, RTPI, CLG, Stat Cons)
2. Run online survey and concurrent discussion
3. Consult on review panel views of the findings
4. Publish and promote the findings as recommended standards


One Comment
  1. Ken Usman-Smith permalink

    My own view is YES we need to review and also set the next steps.
    PARSOL is still used as the basis for new decelopments, not least naming conventions for EDRMS and WORKFLOW where we need a ‘standard’ and that is nor what is happening as the LGCS sets a heiraccy but we are all doing ‘our own thing’.
    if we are serious about Killian Pretty we need the PARSOL forum to get the experts together who created a lot of implemented ideas such as the Portal and left a legacy of other regulatory ideas that are still being discussed. I know ‘cos I was there!

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