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Building Regulations – did you know?

by on July 24, 2009

Are you in need of a bedtime read but funds prevent you from buying the latest Jeffrey Archer?

Then look no further we’ve recently learned that many of you didn’t realise all of the Approved Documents are available on the portal free of charge.

We will deal with the signposting issue, but in the meantime get you eyes round such catchy titles as 
Part K Approved document K – Protection from falling collision and impact (1998 edition) or my personal favourite the steamy potboiler Part J Approved document J – Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (2002 edition) and finally if you need sparks in your life there’s always the classic Part P Approved document P – Electrical safety – Dwellings (2006 edition). soon to a film starring Renee Zelwegger.

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  1. A Rigby(BSc hons), PGD computer science permalink

    I hope the film is better than your links which currently give a list of further links unrelated to the previous ones.

    If you are going to automate the ” do I need planning permission” you are going to need someone who can think outside the box and not bogged down with the minutii of the regulations.

  2. PortalDirector permalink

    sorry about that.
    We migrated our IT at the weekend and I missed these links.
    All done now.

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