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e-Consultation Hub update

by on June 10, 2009

I thought you might appreciate a heads up on the current position re: the e-Consultation Hub.

There are currently 42 LPAS using the Hub to consult with Statutory consultees including the Environment Agency and English Heritage and more recent additions including Natural England and The Coal Authority.

 Some LPAs such as Kingston–upon-Thames are using the hub extensively to improve internal consultation and others such as the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk are engaging their Parishes to start using the service with effect from July 2009. They are also reporting significant cash savings as a result of an integrated approach to electronic applications and consultation via the hub.

Overall the number of consultations made transacted via the Hub have quadrupled in the last 2 months.

 At least 2 of the major ICT suppliers to LPAs are now developing connectors to provide a direct automated link between the Hub and their back office with at least 1 in the advanced stages of development. More news on this to come soon I hope.

 DCLG and in particular the Killian Pretty programme is showing great interest in our work and are fully committed to the e-Consultation hub.  A revised take-up plan has just been agreed that will see take-up soaring between now and the end of the year.

  1. Anyone know whats happened to the H&S consultees in the North West? The PADHI+ system may have been unwelcome, and from our perspective at odds with the rest of the consultees ideas, but it was something.
    Now I cannot access it, get any response to phone calls or emails and as a result cannot create my own PDF response.
    Or perhaps thats it, I just create my own consultaion response. No, perhaps thats taking it too far! Does anyone know where thay have gone, as the nice modern building in Liverpool is still there?

    • Its back and I can use it. Of course I still do not know its future direction as it is still operating very differently from the rest of consultees world. Have look at the Killian Pretty blog to see possible movement that may impact on consultees generally.

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