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Launch of the 12 remaining Prior Approval online application types

by on May 16, 2022

We enabled the 12 remaining Prior Approval application types on Thursday 19 May 2022. This covers all the Prior Approval requirements that have been introduced via amendments to permitted development legislation over the last couple of years and allows users to create and submit these applications to any Local Authority in England. 

This has been requested by Local Authorities for some time and is also one of the main requests we receive from applicants and agents too, who also want a consistent, standard online process to submit all types of application to each authority nationally. 

View a reference list of the new and all existing application types we offer on the Planning Portal

Information for applicants and agents 

These applications will operate in a very similar way to the other recent types of prior approval on the service. You will be asked to review and confirm the eligibility criteria for your proposals, and then provide the other necessary information to allow the Local Authority to consider all the relevant matters for each specific permitted development right. 

Information for Local Authorities 

As with the previous implementation of 16 Prior Approval types in November 2019, the newly introduced application types will initially need to be manually downloaded from the LPA Admin section of the site. 

This ensures that these application types can be made available nationally, without reliance on each individual Local Authority having to update their development management IT systems. 

All other types of application submission will continue to be received in the way LPAs currently receive them. 

We have shared LPA specific guidance about these changes and what they mean for LPAs over on our Knowledge Hub. If you are not already, please follow these steps to subscribe and receive future service updates 

We are in the process of publishing an updated version (3.0) of our data standard that will allow any Local Authority to make such updates in order to request and receive these types of application automatically. We expect this to be completed in the next couple of weeks. 

Once available, we will communicate details to LPAs and all known development management IT system providers. This will also include updated technical documentation allowing them to understand how to update systems to support the latest version. 

Other forthcoming changes 

The new version of our data standard will also allow us to provide legislative compliance across other areas of the application service by adding: 

  • Entries for all current/proposed Use Classes in England and Wales 
  • A flag to identify proposals for public service infrastructure developments 

This will allow us to update the relevant individual application questions to collect this information going forward. 

If you have any queries concerning the change, please contact   

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