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An update on this week and the new service

by on February 4, 2022

Update 3 March 2022 (10:30)

Our phone line is now available and you can contact us again as usual. Thanks for your patience.

Update 3 March 2022 (09:30)

Please be aware that our phone line is currently unavailable due to a technical issue. If you need to contact our support team please email Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 16 February 2022 (14:20)

The Planning Portal is now available again. This was due to a problem with the technical infrastructure. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: 16 February 2022 (9am)

The Planning Portal is currently unavailable due to unplanned but essential maintenance. We will have the site back up as soon as possible and will post updates here.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Update: 10 February 2022 (midday)

As mentioned in Friday’s update, we were continuing to investigate a fix for the issue that had affected payment and submission of a small number of applications created on the old system.  A series of fixes have now been successfully applied to the system to prevent the issue affecting any further submissions. Our developers are working as a priority to deal with the small number of applications previously affected. They are testing a fix for this today and we will update as soon as we have further information. Please don’t contact Support if your application remains affected, as they will not be able to provide any further information at this stage.

I can also confirm that all 2 years’ worth of application data is now in the system and we are now focussing on importing supporting documents for those applications.

In parallel, our Support team have been working to respond to as many calls and emails as possible. Obviously call volumes are much higher than usual and even with extra staff, it is taking longer than usual to reply. We were unfortunately hampered yesterday by our phone lines being unavailable for much of the day, but they are back up and running again this morning.  Thank you again for your ongoing patience.


4 February 2022

Firstly, let me start by saying a big thank you to our customers this week, for your positive feedback and messages of support. The new Planning Portal system offers a step change in user experience and a platform from which we will add new functionality, forms and continue to enhance.

Our new Planning Portal system went live last weekend and for the vast majority of our customers, it is working well, with +2,000 planning applications a day being successfully created, paid for and submitted to local authorities.

However, some customers and local authorities have been experiencing a small number of issues.  We appreciate that issues are not welcomed, but please be rest assured that we and our TerraQuest colleagues have been working tirelessly to fix the issues which have arisen.

The issue affecting payment and submission of some applications created on the old system has been our priority since Monday.  Fixes have been applied but for the small number of remaining customers affected, using the copy facility (shown below) to replicate the application and submit, works. One further fix related to this is under investigation, and we are confident that once the fix is put in place, this issue will be resolved.


In parallel, we have now almost completed the input of 2 years’ worth of application forms from the old system.  The work to complete the import of all supporting documents is underway.

This is the fourth version of the Planning Portal service and therefore the third time we have rebuilt the system and moved over the user and application data. We geared up operationally for this; at Planning Portal we added resource to our Support Desk and we worked closely with TerraQuest technical support post go live. The teams have been working hard in support and to allow all our customers to take full advantage of this much improved system and the improvements it offers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. For now, if you are one of the customers experiencing issues, we apologise for any inconvenience and ask for your continued patience as you wait for the final issues to be fixed or for a call back from our Support team.  We will continue to post further updates as we have them.

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