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Election pledges from Liberal Democrats, Greens and UKIP

by on April 23, 2015

The Liberal Democrats’ Manifesto commits the party to at least ten new garden cities (where locals back the idea) and a slew of new garden villages and suburbs to help provide 300,000 new homes. Up to five of these major new settlements are proposed along a new rail link between Oxford and Cambridge.

The party plans to end ideologically motivated onshore wind farm decisions, pilot capturing land value increases from grant of planning permission for garden cities and would require local authorities to plan for 15 years of housing need, a move which will need a strengthened duty to cooperate with neighboring authorities.

Like the Greens the Liberal Democrats favour a community right of appeal. The latter has pledged to introduce so-called “landscape-scale planning” to encourage access to green spaces and would revoke both the new offices to residential permitted development regime as well as the exemption for schemes of ten homes or fewer to meet zero carbon standards.

Both the Greens and UKIP want to scrap HS2. The latter would replace the National Planning Policy Framework with guidance encouraging brown field use and protecting the green belt. The Greens want to scrap the NPPF. UKIP has declared it wants to allow referendums to overturn large-scale housing, wind farm, solar, incinerator and supermarket permissions.

The Greens want to ease planning constraints for wind and solar, in particular for onshore wind schemes and insist that climate change and carbon reduction should figure in all planning decisions.

Roger Milne

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