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A personal question

by on January 31, 2010

Just interested to know as I’m told that e-communications are for the younger folk. I disagree and decided to put it to the test.

  1. Terry Askew permalink

    Age categories in your poll…..Just to help you through your mid-life crisis, I was capable at 25, improving at 46, and at 77 I am approaching perfection. Let`s have less of the age prejudice.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Terry,
      sorry to offfend, but you prove my point that communicating electronically is age agnostic. i’m trying to convince colleagues to stop spending thousands on paper publications but they tell me older planners prefer the old ways. I disagreed hence the poll.
      P.S I’m firmly into the same category as you!

  2. The number 1 thing that needs to change in my experience of using the Portal is the 5mb limit.

    5mb is, frankly, ridiculous in this day and age. With LPA requiring ever more information their ability to receive significant files digitally must improve.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      the 5MB file size limit relates to individual attachments rather than the whole file, which is not limited.
      The WYG application was broken down in this way.
      This is not a Portal restriction as we can process any size of file, however LPA firewalls cannot generally accept larger than 5MB per files.

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