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Out & about in Market Harborough and all points

by on August 26, 2009

Occasionaly my team allow me out of the office and sometimes they let me speak to our users and stakeholders.
I thought that in future I’d let you know where I’m going to be, just in case you want to put the kettle on and invite me into your place of work to tell me how we should be running the Portal.
I’m happy to call on business or Government users and would really like to see how you are using our service and particularly how it might be improved.
These will be informal drop-ins unless you request something more formal.
My first port of call will be Market Harborough this Friday afternoon, I’ll be free from about 3pm.
I’ve never been there before, so if you are an architect, agent or other and want to pass on your wisdom, pop me a quick email asap (link to the left)
First-come first served.

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