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School’s out

by on February 25, 2009

Off to the far east soon (well Lowestoft is a long way east of Bristol) to find out how a college there is using the Portal as a teaching aid for construction students.

I’d love to hear from anyone using the Portal in a similar way or of any improvements we could make to better serve an educational purpose.

  1. John Clancy ARIBA MRTPI permalink


    I am a sole practitioner Chartered Architect/chartered Town Planner. As a part-time lecturer at Burnley College teaching, amongst other units, ‘Planning in Construction’ at National Diploma level, I have found the Planning Portal invaluable. Soon to move into a ‘paper-light’ new college building the use of web-sites to teach rather than producing reams of paper hand outs will be even more important.

    Currently planning is in a state of great change and for students to be able to refer not only to the portal but also to individual local authority web-sites and other essential links is proving invaluable to the learning outcome.

    John Clancy

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi John,
      great to hear.
      If we can help further let us know.

  2. Natalia Alvarez permalink

    Currently training as a BCO for my local authority I have found the planning portal extremely useful, with getting to grips with what needs building regs and the processes.
    With links to the planning portal form the building control pages on my Local Authorities website and the LABC’s I feel that it’s the main hub of information for anyone looking into the building regs, saying this I also feel that there is a lot more information could be provided.
    As a part time Msc student in computer aided architectural design and construction at UWE I am extremely interested in the interactive house you have developed for the portal and the virtual house in second life.
    Having experience in using virtual reality/ CAD software as part of my final dissertation I am looking to develop a similar interactive house, but one which looks at the building regulations in more detail.
    I was wondering if this had been something already looked into, and if you felt that there is a need of such a product. Any feedback you could provide would be extremely helpful.
    Kind Regards,

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